Welcome to Functional Performance Göteborg!

Training here is a bit different. The focus is on holistic personal training and sustainable, enjoyable, life-changing fitness. You will get an educated, well-rounded, approach to fitness, leading to major transformations through consistent lifestyle changes. 


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I started a fitness company because I was sick of big box gyms trying to squeeze everyone into a cookie-cutter mold of fitness. "One size fits all" programs do not exist in the real world and that approach will not get results. Through personal training and group fitness, I want you to realize the absolute best version of yourself through a supportive, non-competitive, fun environment that is personalized for you and your goals - whether you want to run your first marathon, lose 10kg, or simply leave the work day without aching shoulders and stiff back. Smart training is efficient training - sustainable and healthy movements make life, and loving your body, so much easier! 

I worked at physical therapy studios and fitness gyms in California before moving permanently to Sweden to complete my doctorate in Biophysics. I am a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), in addition to a Functional Movement Systems certified [FMS] provider. I am also certified in TurboKick Cardio Kickboxing and BeyondBarre and love to combine all of these various expertise in each and every workout, as I believe a rounded approach to fitness is the most efficient. 

I hope you will pop in to say hello someday and join us for a great workout!

See you soon



  • Want more personalized attention and faster results? PERSONAL TRAINING is where its at
  • Bring your bff or coworker (or whoever) along for the ride for motivation, support, and way cheaper prices in DUO PERSONAL TRAINING
  • Boost energy, build strength, and lose weight with one of the SMALL GROUP TRAINING challenges. Great people, fun workouts, and results guaranteed. 
  • Not a fan of jumping, throwing, and lifting? Try out the low-impact sculpting and lifting BARRE classes: a beautiful blend of pilates, dance, and yoga.  


  • Receive a free FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN to discover problematic movement and make a plan for feeling better in movement everyday. 
  • Want your employees or fellow coworkers to enjoy the energy-boosting, mood-lifting benefits of smart exercise just like you? Contact me about BUSINESS TRAINING
  • Just wanna chat fitness? Me too. Get at me here