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Barre is a "ballet inspired" workout combining pilates, dance, and yoga, choreographed to energizing music. In each workout you'll use the ballet barre, gliders, and hand-weights to perform an intense but low-impact workout.

This challenging, fun workout focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury and produce optimum body-transforming results.  Because there are modifications for each exercise, the program can be done by all fitness levels— from out-of-shape beginners and those slowed by stiff muscles to fit athletes and fitness enthusiasts.   



Fall 2016 Schedule:

BeyondBarre classes are semi-private with a maximum of 6 particpants per class. The format is 4-6 week segments with 2x/week classes.

The next 4-week Barre class will be finalized when there is enough people registered. Interested in joining? Fill out the form below and I will keep you updated about the next class start date :)

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 Total Body Barre free workshop at Lika Sens!

Total Body Barre free workshop at Lika Sens!

7 reasons to try Barre:

1. Work your core the entire time

Barre is all about learning how to use your core properly. Each class is focused on working all the abdominal muscles through a variety of exercises, and you will learn exactly how to properly activate your core muscles to get the most out of your workout.

2. Every class is a total body workout

Each class is a high-energy intense workout combining light weights, strength exercises, flexibility, and core to provide an entire functional full body workout each time. Classes target small muscles that we are not typically working. 

3. Everyone can do it

You need no experience - everyone will get a great workout whether beginner or advanced. Each exercise can be modified to match level and the movements are simple and controlled - you will learn quickly with no need for previous experience!

4. Results!

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, regular barre classes will have you seeing results surprisingly fast. The workouts are intense, low-impact, and full of strength, stability, and core training. Your entire body will benefit and you will notice!

5. Work your muscles in a different way

Barre uses isometric training to fatigue muscles to failure - small movements, lots of reps, very intentional training. Combined with strength training and cardiovascular training, barre gives a well rounded and effective approach to fitness. 

6. Works muscles, not joints - low impact!

Small, controlled movements reduce pressure on joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine. Core strength and posture benefit greatly from a regular barre practice.

7. Increase range of motion and endurance

Barre training builds strength and stability simultaneously, you will notice natural improvements in range-of-motion and muscular endurance after just a few weeks. 

Barre: total body functional training - cardio, strength, and flexibility in one 45 minutes class.